Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Big Changes

Dear Friends,
After much consideration and prayer I've decided to leave the RE/MAX brand, I will not be renewing my franchise agreement; my intention is to create an independent real estate sales organization. It was not an easy decision, I'll always treasure the people I’ve been blessed to call friends and the experiences I’ve had while I’ve been with this organization.
The truth of the matter is I don't believe my business model works anymore with the high cost of owning a RE/MAX franchise. We specialize in taking new or unproductive agents and coaching/developing them into becoming productive real estate business operators, with the high cost associated with the Big Brands it has simply become too restrictive for us to grow at the rate we intend on growing at. We invest heavily in staff, systems, tools, and resources to make our people successful; our intention is to take those savings and invest more heavily in our people.
My new company’s name is AE Realty, the AE stand for American Entrepreneur; the intent is to become a team synergic brokerage that offers the highest level of training, coaching, and mentorship paired up with state of the art systems, tools, and resources available to all agents and teams, those just getting started as well as the savvy vet that is looking to expand their business. The world is constantly changing and our industry is evolving, in my opinion the real estate big brands have not kept up with the progress.
Change at times can be a little daunting and the uncertainty of moving from a brand that I have been with for a decade is uncomfortable. However, I’m a big believer that without discomfort there can be no growth, so I’m going to jump and the goal remains the same. We will keep our mission and vision at the forefront of this new voyage, we will not falter; we will have courage, strength, and faith. Stay tuned for details over the next several months. We are looking forward to an opportunity to serve you.

Thank you,
Carl Bishop
AE Realty

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

"The Shift"

Many very intelligent people in my industry are speaking out about a potential shift on our economy which could effect multiple industries including housing, commodities, stocks, and investments; with the pending doom of a presidential election featuring 2 of the most unpopular candidates in the history of the US and after several years of substantial growth many feel as if we are due for a correction. These last 2 weeks I've had the pleasure of listening to some of the Top minds and economists in the nation, they seem to feel as if the hype is over rated. When it comes to presidential candidates they say "look at history, we've had way worse", when it comes to unsustainable growth they say "we should have at least another 4-5 years of growth before the correction", and then there is the uncomfortable topic of interest rates. Still at historic lows the Fed has refused to raise interest rates claiming that we are still in a recovery and to do so would stifle growth.

I've spoken about interest rates many time in the past, when Ben Bernake stood in front of Congress and told the world that "inflation is a Tax" and that it's one of the only ways that governments have to "suck the money back in" I've been concerned about how exactly how we intend on sucking the money back in. One of the big factors in the uncertainty of the American people is the National debt, most predictions have us at over 21 trillion dollars in debt once Obama leaves office and we are currently spending more than any society in the history of the world with no real plan in place to reduce spending or cut borrowing. So when is the next shift going to happen and who or what will it be blamed on? I've subscribed to the Tom Woods and Peter Schiff ideology which is one of modern conservatism showing that with our current state we have placed too much pressure on our dollar and our currency manipulation, for us to continue to create money out of thin air is a recipe for disaster. The next correction in my opinion will be a dollar correction, and if our dollar fails then the collectivists will come to the rescue with a big government solution which we must as a people reject. If we are going to allow the government to determine the value of our money then we must demand that they raise interest rates, reduce spending, and create surplus rather than more deficits.

Big government solutions have always failed us and we have the rest of the world and history to show us exactly why big government solutions don't work. We need to reduce spending and the size and scope of government. Lower taxes and the burden on the businesses and hard working people of this great country. Once we return to free market principles and stop relying on the cheap, free, and easy solutions the government will offer us we will truly get back a sound robust market. If we want to make America great again we must get back  to what made America great in the first place which is FREEDOM, freedom from the heavy weight of taxation, entitlement, bail outs, over seas spending, and failed social programs that only raise prices and further inflate our currency. We have been the greatest country in the world for so long because we are independent, we are the land of opportunity because we create it with our ingenuity, we set the standard with our individualism, we are not a people that just accept what we are told we question everything.

After seeing an exciting Olympics in Rio where the USA took a landslide of medals I'm reminded of exactly how great we are as a people. I'm very proud to be an American, I'm honored to serve the American people by helping families and individuals find houses, investments, and real estate here in Military City USA, San Antonio Texas, I'm enabling everyone of my clients to start their own pursuit of the American Dream. We will will take on any shift this market and economy throws at us we will succeed were governments have failed and create our own solutions out of ingenuity and hard work. In closing, I do feel as there is a shift coming, there is always a shift coming but I'n not afraid, I'm excited for all those that will capitalize off of the next shift and look forward to both the booms and the busts. We always come out of every cycle better, wiser, and tougher than before. Embrace the shift and let's write our own story.

Carl Bishop
www.mysatx.com (find homes, real estate, investments in San Antonio Texas)